A Message from the Top Executive


We will continue to grow globally by thorough implementation of Challenge and Innovation, based on a holding company structure.

Effective April, 1 2015, the Company transferred to a holding company structure to increase our global growth, and changed its name to SANDEN HOLDINGS CORPORATION.

The Company has been expanding our business activities throughout the world in our belief to deliver high quality products to our customers since establishment in 1943.

We started our business by producing dynamo lighting sets for bicycles. Since that time, the Company, has continued to develop refrigerated showcases for business use, vending machines, compressors and systems for automotive air conditioning, and living and environment systems with supply of our products to our customers worldwide.

Our Management policies commits us to the creation of corporate values by “environment”, utilizing our original strength of quality and global. We are integrating contributions to develop business and local communities, setting the “environment” as a core, through development of environmental technologies and social contribution. Our core group-wide management activity is known as STQM (Sanden Total Quality Management), and serves as the basis to corporate quality initiatives. Our global business activities are handled by fifty three subsidiaries in twenty three countries.

The environment is a responsibility for all the people in the world. We believe that we must move forward to create a sustainable society and ensure that future generations will inherit our beautiful, irreplaceable earth through our continuous development of advanced eco-friendly products in every aspects.

We will unite all the power of our global staff under our Corporate Vision, “To become a Group of Globally Excellent Companies” in order to develop products, systems and services that will satisfy our customers around the world.

We appreciate your further support and encouragement in the years to come.




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