We will continue to grow globally by thorough implementation of Challenge and Innovation, based on a holding company structure.

Sanden has been keeping its business running under its basic philosophy of ‘Let us develop with wisdom and prosper in harmony’ as Company Principles since its founding in 1943. It has also been continuing to establish its corporate culture of ‘Challenge and Innovation’ and develop its business globally.

In the early 1970s when only few Japanese companies expanded overseas, Sanden entered the US market with its automotive systems which have grown into its core products on the basis of the technology of ‘Cool and Heat’ fostered through its product development. Since then, Sanden has continually developed world’s first and industry-first products so that it has been able to open up new markets in Asia, Europe, and China as well as US.

We believe our mission is to ‘create comfortable spaces that enrich human lives’ after looking ahead to the society in 2030. In April, 2019, in order to carry out our mission, we developed our mid-term plan, ‘SCOPE 2023’, which is to be completed by March, 2024. In SCOPE 2023, our mission and our corporate culture of ‘Challenge and Innovation’ are explicitly expressed as the concept of the ideal structure that ‘In order to establish the affluent society based on the harmony of environment and comfort, Sanden should be the company that everyone trusts, by keeping up with the times’.

We are committed to creation of ‘New Sanden’ through ‘implementation of structural reform’ for reconstruction of the management foundation and promotion of ‘collaborative creation’ for sustainable growth.

We would like to ask for your continuous support for years to come.